Open Door

Open Door

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Perspective

The pity party is over and I am ready to move forward once again.  All it took was a little perspective.  Did you know that Stephenie Meyer was turned down 11 times?  J.K. Rowling over 15?  Ellen Hopkins gave up on finding an agent and went directly to the book companies, not even knowing how many times they had declined Crank.  I have decided to wear my rejections as a badge of honor that I have earned on the field of battle.  The other conclusion I have drawn, is that I need to stop focusing on the trees and visualize the forest instead.  In marketing, you plan for 50 no's before you receive a yes.  Why would publishing be any different?  I have to be resolved in pitching my manuscript 50 times (10x more than I already have)  If you look at it that way, my 3 no's and 2 I won't even bother telling you's aren't really that big of a deal.

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