Open Door

Open Door

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


A stirring in the blogging community regarding e-publishing has brought the pot to a frothy boil.  This isn't a new debate for any novice writer attempting to break into print.  In fact, I have posed this question to myself for many years now.  Is self-publishing actually breaking into print?  For me personally, the answer has always been no.  Landing a publishing contract seemed like the only way to earn the right to share my work.  Self-publishing felt like cheating...until recently.  A few days ago, I came across a posting (Are Publishing Agents an Endangered Species?) that changed my perception.  As I read, I began to see my writing from a business perspective rather than an emotional view.

A while back, I worked as a real-estate investor.  I discovered I had a knack for predicting trends and seeing the hidden potential in an under-priced market that was ready to inflate.  My real-estate agents were great at their jobs, but they couldn't work my properties with the same vision or enthusiasm.  Bottom line: they weren't as invested, both financially and emotionally. If I listed a house, months would pass without a contract, but if I put same house up for sell by owner and I showed the property, a buyer would be under contract within a week.  I flipped several properties over the years and everyone won.  But most importantly, I learned a valuable lesson I use in all aspects of my life today.  When someone stands in the middle, you lose the personal connection and both parties are unable to communicate their needs effectively.  The direct path is always the best way.

You might be asking "What does any of this have to do with self-publishing?"  And the answer is... everything!  Just like selling houses to the perfect fitting family, marketing Copper Descent on my own terms would give me the freedom to sell the way I deem fitting.  Taking this step would also give me much needed insight into the green pasture that lies beyond the rejection fence.  This also a controlled way to test for grass allergies before I wade in too far without an antihistamine.  With all of this under consideration, I have decided that if Copper Descent fails to retain a contract by the start of the new year, I will jump the railing and take my novel directly to the consumer.  This decision was not easy and I still get butterflies even thinking about what lies ahead, but the choice feels right for this project.  When I started writing Lucien's story several years ago, I knew publishing would be difficult, but I can see the hidden potential once again.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thought is Power

A Frenchman, RenĂ© Descartes, turned philosophy on its ear in the 17th century with a simple statement: "I think therefore I am."  In the 20th century a scientist by the name of Schroedinger took that observation a step further with "The Cat in The Box Theory," explaining how two states can exist simultaneously until the data is observed and recorded.  What does this mean in simple terms?  Seeing ourselves is not enough to say we exist, we must also be observed by others, which means our thoughts and ideas effect one another collectively. 

My non-biological twin and I have always declared our minds to be on the same wave-length.  More often then not, we speak what the other is thinking.  And even when she lives seven-hundred miles away I know when she's having a bad day.  There are scientific studies now proving this phenomenon exists - a sixth sense everyone possesses caused my a magnetic field surrounding the physical body.  This sense allows the blind to read facial expressions while unseeing and connects us to the perception of everyone receiving the same signal.  For instance - if you think on the same wave-length as me, by reading this, your reality is already being altered to match my patterns.  But if you vibrate on a different frequency, you will dismiss these words as bull-huckey and no change will take place.  This is why we are attracted to some and repelled by others, just like magnets. 

So how does this apply to the power of thought?  If you consider there is a frequency and our thoughts are broadcast to everyone who thinks like you do, which effects their perception, then imagination becomes reality.  All of this is getting pretty deep, but I do have a point.  Perception is 70% of our personal experience.  If you look at the world through a negative lense, you will draw negativity (like a magnet), but the opposite is also true.  Try flipping the polarity to positive and see what life sends your direction.  Everyone has something to be grateful for.  Make a list of those things and read it every time you feel yourself slipping into the dark abyss.  Your thoughts will lift you and bring a brighter day, for you and your collective.  May you find peace, and I hope the sun shines brightly for you, my friends!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nice Rejection Letter

I received  a rejection letter from Mary Kole at Andrea Brown Literary Agency today and I wanted to acknowledge how much her words of encouragement meant.  The publishing industry is a hard winding road in the midst of a jungle with many blind corners.  You walk the path, but the only compass you possess are the trails you have forged and the directions given by the occupants.  Mary's letter was an important gauge and I am so thankful she took the time out of her busy schedule to write me.  Because of her thoughtfulness, I know that Copper Descent is ready for me to actively pursue publication.  I will send out four more queries this week and continue to do so until I find the right publisher.  This is going to happen, my friends.  Maybe not tomorrow or even next month, but I just had a prominent agent with a masters degree say that I have skills!  How can I not be bubbling over with enthusiasm?