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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thought is Power

A Frenchman, René Descartes, turned philosophy on its ear in the 17th century with a simple statement: "I think therefore I am."  In the 20th century a scientist by the name of Schroedinger took that observation a step further with "The Cat in The Box Theory," explaining how two states can exist simultaneously until the data is observed and recorded.  What does this mean in simple terms?  Seeing ourselves is not enough to say we exist, we must also be observed by others, which means our thoughts and ideas effect one another collectively. 

My non-biological twin and I have always declared our minds to be on the same wave-length.  More often then not, we speak what the other is thinking.  And even when she lives seven-hundred miles away I know when she's having a bad day.  There are scientific studies now proving this phenomenon exists - a sixth sense everyone possesses caused my a magnetic field surrounding the physical body.  This sense allows the blind to read facial expressions while unseeing and connects us to the perception of everyone receiving the same signal.  For instance - if you think on the same wave-length as me, by reading this, your reality is already being altered to match my patterns.  But if you vibrate on a different frequency, you will dismiss these words as bull-huckey and no change will take place.  This is why we are attracted to some and repelled by others, just like magnets. 

So how does this apply to the power of thought?  If you consider there is a frequency and our thoughts are broadcast to everyone who thinks like you do, which effects their perception, then imagination becomes reality.  All of this is getting pretty deep, but I do have a point.  Perception is 70% of our personal experience.  If you look at the world through a negative lense, you will draw negativity (like a magnet), but the opposite is also true.  Try flipping the polarity to positive and see what life sends your direction.  Everyone has something to be grateful for.  Make a list of those things and read it every time you feel yourself slipping into the dark abyss.  Your thoughts will lift you and bring a brighter day, for you and your collective.  May you find peace, and I hope the sun shines brightly for you, my friends!

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