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Friday, December 24, 2010

The Symbols of Christmas

The Symbols of Christmas
Do we really know what Christmas is anymore?
Or do we spend all of our time just running to the store?
Wasting all our efforts checking our lists,
Worrying about the presents we missed.
We go through the motions, but is the spirit there,
When we trim the tree and hang the angel hair?
How do we remember the true meaning of Christmas?
By the symbols and signs that were left to remind us:
A star sits on top of the tree,
Representing a long fulfilled prophecy.
Can you make the connection between red and Christ?
Red is for blood and his sacrifice.
The color of green and a needled pine tree,
For the promise of eternal life to be.
The candle is an image mirrored from a star,
That the Sheppard watched appear from afar.
A bell rings out, to call sheep back to the fold,
All are precious to the Sheppard, I am told.
The gift bow ties us all together,
This is the way it will be forever.
The candy cane is a Sheppard’s crook,
To pull a lost lamb back to the nook.
A wreath is a symbol of eternal love,
The kind that is found in heaven above.
Through the passing of time, the meaning is lost,
The material world developed, but at what cost?
By forgetting tradition, the magic is spent,
The heart is gone, and so is the rent.
So teach the children and help them see,
Or the symbols of Christmas will no longer be.

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