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Open Door

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Final Breath of Our Ten-Year Business

I have mixed feelings as I close-out the 2010 tax year.  Don't get me wrong, I am very excited about where we are going, but it is also sad to see something end.  In case you haven't heard, our company (Heber Valley Welding & Repair) has merged with RJ Masonry to create a new entity (Legacy Machinery).  My husband has been working towards this goal for a very long time and I am so happy to see his dream become a realization.

We started our corporation in January of 2000 while I was pregnant with my son, Tristen.  I have to admit that at first, I was not very happy.  Losing the security of a steady paycheck was a terrifying prospect.  I didn't like the long hours and constant phone calls that always seemed to take Travis away at the most importuned moments.  It was like the company was his illegitimate child--a twin to my son in every way but one.  I didn't feel the love for my husband's second son the way that he did and it only became worse as it grew even more demanding--monopolizing my time as well.  For the first few years, I resented the strain, but I eventually did learn to love my ugly step-child, and now he is all growed up. 

I imagine that this is the way it will feel when my daughter leaves for college.  It feels like a death in some ways, yet the company is still there--evolving into something greater.  Travis is still fully involved and I no longer resent the time he spends with his "other child", because it frees up my time to have a love affair of my own: with writing.

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