Open Door

Open Door

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ask, Accept, and Act

What I am about to share may be shocking and jarring. It’s personal truth I’ve kept locked away for nearly my entire life. I’ve only allowed a trusted few to truly know and understand this part of me—my deep, dark secret that’s sometimes even scary for me. I've never been comfortable with the word 'psychic.' It stuck in my throat like a chicken bone whenever I tried to say it out loud. Instead, I preferred less fickle words like quirky, highly sensitive, or ADHD to explain away my oddities, and do my work on the down-low. No one really grasped what I'd do. They just knew a sense of calm came over the room whenever I was present, and stuff got done in record time. Sure, some questions would pop up from time to time. I’d justify my knowledge of the supernatural by claiming research. Which is true, just not in a conventional sense. I know how energy works, because I can manipulate it, not because I’ve studied how to in books.
If you personally know me, I’m guessing you’re not really surprised by any of this. The shock comes from me talking about it so openly in a public forum. It’s a subject I’ve always skirted around, handing out salts and stones without ever really explaining why. So, what has changed?
Last week, I attended a business meeting after a dear friend of mine got excited about my new product line. In this group of awesome people I was asked what my biggest roadblock to success was. I didn't take time to come up with a clever response. I humbled myself, and blurted out exactly how I felt. “It’s hard for me to say the psychic word. I’m also struggling with feeling worthy of doing this work.” Some amazing things happened in that moment. First off, no one judged me. Instead, they were genuinely curious about my gift and how it works. I felt safe and supported amongst this group of mostly strangers as we talked out my problem and how to best overcome my fear. It was through this exchange that an angel stepped into my life and asked me to meet with her.
Within minutes of meeting Marge Bowen, I sensed the divine purpose surrounding her. I also knew she was sent to me in the right place at the right time. Marge is a certified Neuro-Energy Kinesiologist. Let me tell you a little about Neuro-Energy Kinesiology. It’s a communication tool encompassing many different mind/body therapy approaches. Stress in brain function is assessed. The nervous system, and muscle/meridian/organ systems are all evaluated. That’s on a physical level. On an energy field level this system diffuses thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. In a nutshell, it is capable of healing the entire whole of who we are.
My blocks ran deeper than just emotional trauma, which was why I couldn’t seem to just push past them. They were tied to my beliefs in the energy body regarding my worthiness and acceptance of who I was. When we began the session, Marge asked me my purpose. My purpose was openness. She asked me to lay on the table and set to work.
As I mentioned earlier, I am psychic. That means I can see the metaphysical realm just as clearly as the material plane. Experience is so very subjective. All I can share is my understanding of what took place for me in that comfortable little room. Colors swirled, chakras bloomed. The moment I laid down the entire space came to life. Marge pulled up spiritual control panels out of thin air. She entered data, and reset systems with the brush of her fingertips. I’m not even sure if this was a conscious thing for her, or if she’d tapped into a higher self that knew exactly where the keys resided. It’s something I plan to ask her about. When a panel flashed red, she’d stop to ask questions about past trauma. Together, we worked through the emotional blocks until I felt them dissolve away like aspirin in water. Marge made adjustments on her panels, pulled out various tools when prompted to do so and then moved on to the next piece until all systems operated to her specifications. The entire process took less than an hour. One hour unwound years of destructive thought patterns. Through my perception, it was truly remarkable and life-changing.
2017 was what I like to refer to as burning year for me. And yes, a year like this is as horrible as it sounds. I’ve experienced four of these in my lifetime. It can also be considered a life realignment, but I prefer burning. It describes the process feels in a clear manner. Basically, what happens is everything is burned away from one's life that doesn’t serve true purpose. The farther one has wandered of track, the more painful the burning process is. This one actually wasn’t too bad compared to some I've faced in the past. I had the presence of mind to seek guidance just as soon as my world went up in flames. Ironic, that I guide other people through the rebuilding process after a burning, but never have thought to ask for help before. I did this time. That’s big growth for me. The message was clear from the many sources I’d advised, but to accomplish the work described to me I had to get over my knee-jerk reaction to saying the ’P’ word. I was ready. I placed myself in the right place at the right time. Now I need to make a few things clear. I asked for help and it was given. I had to be vulnerable before the path presented, and I chose to accept it. When the way appeared, I acted, and it worked.
If you feel you are ready to move forward, too, I encourage you to visit Marge’s website and make an appointment: If you are truly open to moving into the next space, you won’t be disappointed.
The pieces are clicking together and taking shape for me. Soon, I will launch my new vision through Angel-Hart Healing, a resource for psychic self-help. Stay tuned. Big changes are happening behind the scenes, including a new support website, handmade metaphysical products, and guide books I'm in the process of creating. I'm very excited about my latest transformation. I can't wait to share it with you.


  1. I love this and am so excited for you. And I'm going to sign up for a session with Marge!!
    --Sara Simonsen

  2. Wow.
    You have the most gorgeous, blue eyes, dear.
    we MUST write in Seventh-Heaven.